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21 May, 2019 | Quest Components
Just In Time Deliveries

Why Just in Time Deliveries Can Make Your Business Profitable

Just in time (JIT) delivery is a supply chain-based inventory management strategy that is common in the aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics industries. It can also reduce costs for manufacturers and help busy purchasing professionals better meet your production goals. Here is what you should know.

What Is Just in Time Delivery?

Just in time delivery provides exactly the right amount of each part to each purchasing manager as needed. This reduces storage costs, prevents production facilities from warehousing excess stock indefinitely, and ensures that a sudden surge in orders can be accommodated. Items are delivered when you need them to fulfill orders, or ā€œjust in time.ā€

Advantages of Just in Time Delivery

Reduced overhead: When you only need to order the exact items needed to fulfill existing orders, your costs drop dramatically. You do not need to pay for a huge warehouse space, and you do not need to pay labor costs to manage the stored products. Your workers will use the raw materials needed to fulfill a specific order and then replenish them. You do not need to sit on a large inventory of parts.

Always available materials: It can be difficult to predict exactly which parts you will need when. With just in time delivery, you can keep a smaller supply of all the parts and materials you use on hand, preventing orders from backing up. We keep a stock of the items you regularly need, and we coordinate with you to deliver materials right before you need them.

Lower up-front costs: Filling up your production facility with parts up-front is expensive. Utilizing just in time delivery lets you spend your cash on other vital parts of your business, instead of dumping every penny you have into stocking every part for every item you make.

Better production management: We provide the tools you need to boost productivity and keep your department running more smoothly. We can schedule deliveries ahead of time while retaining the flexibility to make last-minute changes at your request. We work proactively to simplify all your purchase orders and reduce your legwork.

Just in Time Delivery Challenges

Like anything else in business, or in life, just in time delivery is not perfect. It is important to work closely and collaboratively with your just in time distributor to forecast demand and determine order frequency, or a loss of production time could result. If inaccurate forecasting becomes persistent, you could even lose customers, lowering demand for your products.

It is also vital to build a supply chain that you trust. Just in time deliveries hinge on streamlining, and any weak link in the chain could cause it to break. Form strong relationships with highly trustworthy partners, and keep the lines of communication open.

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