Easy Shopping

The smart way to shop!

Quest Components Easy Shopping gives you the features that you need to search and purchase components all in one place, simplifying your shopping experience. Just add all the parts you need to the list. The smart part number searching technology behind Quest's Easy Shopping will find them for you with all the information you need. Finalize your purchase by going straight to checkout and you are on your way.

Need to make things even easier? Use Quest's Express Checkout and you are done with a single click.

Try Easy Shopping and you will be surprised how fast and easy your shopping experience would be.

Step by Step User Guide

  1. Add the part numbers.

    You can type in the part number or copy/paste your list. When you're done, click CONTINUE button to go to the next step.

    Easy shop add parts - textarea empty
    Easy shop add parts - textarea with parts
    Make sure part numbers are separated by full carriage or newline.
  2. Part number matching
    • 2.1 Order quantity is set to 1 by default, you must update this field with the quantity you require. Target price is mandatory for RFQ items only. You can select a manufacturer from the dropdown list if available.

      Easy shop matching of part numbers
      Editing order quantity or selecting a manufacturer might change the Status.
    • 2.2 No Match Item - these are part numbers that has no match in the database. You have to resolve your No Match items first before clicking CONTINUE button, otherwise it will not be included. We have provided you with a list to check for possible match with your part.

      Unmatched item.
      • 2.2.1 Click View Possible Matches link. This will show a list of part numbers that maybe similar with the parts you're searching for. Click MORE RESULTS button to see more part numbers.

        Unmatched view possible matches.
      • 2.2.2 But if there's a possible match, click the SELECT button. This will update your unmatched item with the selected part number.

        Updating unmatched item with part number found in possible matches
        Please resolve any no match items first before editing any fields such as order quantity and target price. No match items will not be included for processing.
    • 2.3 If everything is good, click CONTINUE button to go to final step.

  3. Checkout your items or add to your cart.

    If everything looks good to you, just click SECURE CHECKOUT button to checkout the items, you will be redirected to checkout page. Click ADD TO CART button if you just wanted to add the items to your cart, you will be redirected to cart page. Click Go Back if you need to edit some items, you will be brought back to step 2.

    EXPRESS CHECKOUT is also available if it is set-up and you're logged-in.
    Email address is mandatory if you have a RFQ item. RFQ items will not be included in the checkout.