Geyer Electronic Parts

Quest Components is an authorized distributor for Geyer Electronic. Geyer Electronic is a leading manufacturer a wide range of frequency control products including:

  • Quartz Crystals
  • Oscillators
  • Ceramic Resonators
  • Filters

Products are available in a standard values as well as special order extended temperature ranges and tighter tolerances. All product technologies are produced in a variety of packages from the latest technologies in the smallest sizes to older technology that many other frequency control manufactures have discontinued.

Geyer Electronic Parts
Popular parts in stock from Geyer Electronic Parts
Part Number
13.0 MHZ QUARTZ SMD KX-9AT 16PF, 30/100/50 -40°C TO +85°C
25.0 MHZ QUARTZ SMD KX-9AT FUNDAMENTAL, 16PF, 30/100/60 -40°C TO +85°C
28.636360 MHZ QUARTZ HC-49/U3H KX-3H FUNDAMENTAL, 18PF, 30/30/50 -20°C TO +70°C
25.0 MHZ QUARTZ SMD KX-20 FUNDAMENTAL, 16PF, 50/50/50 -20°C TO +70°C
16.0 MHZ QUARTZ SMD KX-CT 16PF, 50/100/50 -40°C TO +85°C
25.0 MHz Osci SMD KXO-V96 HCMOS-tristate, +3.3V, +/-50ppm, 15pF -20°C to +70°C
20.0 MHz Resonator SMD KX-ZTA CV 30pF, 0,5/0,3/40
40.0 MHZ QUARTZ SMD KX-5T FUNDAMENTAL, 12PF, 10/20/80 -40°C TO +85°C

For decades, GEYER ELECTRONIC has been one of the leading manufacturers of frequency products, quartz crystals, oscillators, and ceramic resonators. The highest quality, creativity, and safety characterize their innovative solutions.

As a reliable, success-oriented partner, they attach great importance to close cooperation with customers during the development phase. This enables them to ensure that they will deliver you exactly what you wish for and need.

GEYER is pleased to provide suitable samples at short notice for new developments and approval processes. In addition, a competent team of design and development engineers committed to customers is available to provide support for the design of circuits. In the GEYER Electronic Design and Test Center, a wide variety of measurements and analyses can be carried out, including in our climactic simulation test chamber.

Be sure with Quartz Crystals from GEYER.

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