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Part #JT06RT12-3S-014

Electronic Component

Cannot be shipped outside of US

Unavailable for now but we can look it up for you, please send us a request.

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  1. What methods of shipping are available?
    We ship with UPS, Federal Express, DHL and USPS.
  2. Do you ship internationally?
    Yes we do. We ship to all destinations except for countried blocked for export by the US Government.
  3. What are your international shipping options?
    UPS, DHL, Federal Express and USPS.
  4. How long does shipping take?
    Order Processing Time
    • All items in stock will be shipped the same day if placed before 3:00pm (Pacific Time)
      (Note: Quest Components ships Mon. - Fri.).
    • Any items not in stock and quoted with a lead time will be processed and shipped as soon as we receive and inspect the parts.
    • If an order contains both in stock and out of stock items, in stock items can be shipped immediately at customer request. However, an additional shipping charge will apply.
    Transit times
    • Note: Quest Components ships Monday thru Friday
    • Next Day Air orders will arrive the next business day (Time of delivery depends upon service type and location) See UPS or FedEx for more information.
    • 2 Day orders will arrive on the second business day (by 6:00pm). See UPS or FedEx for more information.
    • 3 Day Select orders will arrive on the third business day (by 6:00pm). See UPS or FedEx for more information.
    • Ground orders the map below shows estimated transit times, but time in transit will vary.
    ups ground map transit time