Capacitors store and discharge electrical energy as needed. These passive components are similar to batteries, with the main difference being that while batteries release their energy slowly, capacitors can fully discharge in just a fraction of a second, depending on capacity and application. There are numerous types of capacitors, each best suited to a different use. Quest Components stocks a full range of different types of capacitors from leading manufacturers.

  • Fixed capacitors have a set value of capacitance that cannot be changed or adjusted. They typically consist of two metal plates with a non-conductive material between them, called a dielectric. Fixed capacitors are categorized by the dielectric material they contain, which determines its capacitance.
  • Array capacitors are a group of fixed capacitors packaged together in one unit. They are not connected to each other through any circuit. Array capacitors as a unit have a greater capacitance than one fixed capacitor can have alone.
  • Network capacitors are a group of capacitors that are connected together in a circuit or multiple circuits. Together the network has a greater capacitance than a single fixed capacitor.
  • Industrial capacitors are designed for high voltage use such as industrial electronics, large appliances, motors, and more.

Types of Capacitors

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