A relay, or relay switch, is an electromagnetic switch that operates as a sort of lever, using a small electric current to turn a much larger current on or off. At Quest Components, we sell a wide variety of electrical relays from industry leading manufacturers.

Types of Relays

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  • Power/Signal Relays 


    Power relays are used for high-power switching applications, while signal relays are the best choice for low-power signals such as audio and video.

  • Reed Relays 


    Reed relays have hermetically sealed contacts, making them ideal for very low-level signals such as nanovolts.

  • RF Relays 


    RF relays are passive devices that route high-frequency RF signals through a designated path.

  • Special Relays 


    Special relays are used in CPUs (central processing units) to indicate that a specified event occurred.

  • Time Delay Relays 


    Time delay relays automatically open and close at set time intervals.

  • Other Relays 


    We also stock a variety of specialized relays for targeted applications.