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Step 1

Fill in part number and quantity

Step 2

Part Number Matching

Step 3

Checkout Items

Reminders :

  1. Part Number and Quantity are required. Unable to provide value for Part Number will result in skipping the row.
  2. Quantity and Target Price are numeric fields and will only accept numeric values.
  3. Click Add New Row button if the provided rows are not enough for your items.
  4. Navigate away from the page will lose your data.

Reminders :

  1. Unmatched items will not be added to your shopping cart.
  2. Partial RFQ means we have stock but not enough and the remaining quantity will become RFQ.
  3. We'll send an email confirmation for RFQ items, please provide a correct email address.
  4. Click CHECKOUT button to checkout the items that are purchasable immediately.

Reminders :

  1. Your items are already saved in the database and if you navigate away from this screen, you can find your items in the shopping cart page.
  2. Click Express Checkout button to go straight to the checkout review page.
  3. Click CHECKOUT button to checkout items in normal process.
Part NumberQuantity to BuyTarget Price (optional)Manufacturer (optional)My Part Number (optional) 

If you need more fields for your parts, please enter the number of parts and then click the ADD FIELDS button